MAN Sports

Mission Statement
To shake the foundations of the world of athletes, to build the absolute best products available to fuel the highest-performance of the athlete inside each and every one of us.  Fuel the High-Performance Lifestyle of individuals who refuse to settle for less than the utmost – from themselves, and from everything around them.  For those on the journey to be better than they were yesterday, we are MAN Sports – and we’re building a kingdom for YOU!


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Our Pledge To You!
MAN Sports pledges to everyone the company comes across to introduce performance enhancing nutritional supplements that are result driven and synonymous with science, innovation, quality and true value. Our pledge is for MAN Sports Products to be recognized as the undeniably effective resource to individuals of all walks of life interested in taking their athletic performance to the next level.

Forward-looking research, development and engineering fuel each invention to guarantee you the most effective products available whatever your goal.

Every single compound or in our formulas is thoroughly tested with the most accurate methods to guarantee purity and potency. All raw materials are obtained from the best available source.

Each and every lot of our products is manufactured in a state of the art facility that exceeds all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) to ensure that our products are the purest, freshest, safest and most potent products available. This uncompromising quality and production control is used to guarantee products that deliver upon marketing and label claims.

Unparalleled industry service and technical staff provide a fountain of knowledge to further educate and guide consumers to ensure the best possible results from our products.

MAN Sports realizes that you have many different options when choosing to spend your money on sports performance products. Each and every supplement magazine is filled with outrageous claims and endless advertising. Every time you walk into any nutrition store, you have literally hundreds of different options to choose from. Where do you turn? You can turn to us…Your success is our business. We will deliver exactly what we claim. And we will lead because we are a company driven by performance, so you can be too.